GTA’s Finest Granite and Marble Slabs

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Since you have decided to forego the particle board countertops used in the last home remodel, you would be well advised to consider investing in something a little more permanent. Some of the most attractive and longest lasting countertop surfaces available today can be found in the finest granite and marble slabs in the GTA. While you may be hesitant, thinking that the cost will be higher than the particle board countertop, consider the fact that natural stone will maintain its regal finish and gorgeous appearance for a lifetime, making the granite and marble slabs found right here in the GTA an option ideally suited to those looking for elegance, permanence, and long-term value.

Is Natural Stone Better?

Natural stone, which includes granite and marble slabs, not only provides outstanding durability and longevity, but it is also among the simplest materials to keep looking spectacular. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is enough to keep these stones looking their very best. Most types of natural stone are porous, and as such, will require a sealant once a year or so to keep them impermeable to water and other substances that may find their way to the stone.
While granite slabs can cost more than inferior and less durable countertop materials, the granite will easily pay for itself. They’ll last a lifetime with very little maintenance, which means no more countertop replacements. When taken care of, granite and marble slabs will look and perform as wonderfully as the day they were installed decades, even centuries, down the road.

Choosing your Slab

Natural stone products are incredibly beautiful. They can be found in a stunning array of colours and patterns, and each piece is totally unique. No two natural stone slabs are the same, and each piece is a natural work of art. Knowing exactly where the granite and marble slabs will be installed, and having the measurements for areas needing custom cutting, such as spaces for sinks, drains, or appliances, is crucial to the selection of the right piece of stone. A reputable, experienced, and well-stocked natural stone retailer will guide you to an ideal slab for your purposes.

Heavy Work

Natural stone is very heavy, and granite and marble slabs, particularly cut-to-order slabs, are very awkward to carry. Much care and caution are required. It is best to have all transport, delivery, and installation needs taken care of by a professional. The team should be fully insured, so in the unlikely event that anything breaks, you will be covered when the installation is carried out. It also never hurts to keep yourself out of harm’s way. Leave the heavy lifting to a company with the equipment and manpower to ensure the job gets done properly and safely.
Home renovations, while sometimes overwhelming, can be a lot of fun. If you are seriously looking to improve your space for the long term, the very best option for your countertops is natural stone. Contact the best in the natural stone business today for GTA’s finest granite and marble slab to get your project off to the best possible start!